What To Look For When Buying 13-Gallon Trash Cans

Since the era of civilization, garbage disposal has been with us, from homes, offices, hospitals to industrial-use garbage. This article intends to enlighten us more on garbage trash cans by giving a detailed 13-gallon trash can buying guide. The buying guide will help you as the consumer and end-user to make the best decision, in order to take home the best gallon trash can, that will give you value for your money.

Before we get to the buying guide, some bit of history first.

Who Invented the Trash Can and how they Evolved.

England introduced its first trash can in 1875 which replaced the throwing of garbage on the lawns in homes. One had a trash can that was made of metal, and was emptied weekly by rakers who would use horse-drawn carts to take it to incinerators distributed throughout the city and burn it. 

America and France followed suit to this invention. For example in France, Eugene Poubelle, a government official, passed a law that required a homeowner to provide each of his tenants with at least three vessels with a cover to put garbage. The three vessels were for separate waste disposal, from decomposable waste, plastic, and paper to glass, pottery, and oyster shells. 

Meanwhile, America properly introduced waste disposal management in the 1910s. With this little history, waste disposal has been with us and it is essential in every home, workplace, public amenities, and in industries. Over time a lot of improvements and inventions have been developed on the trash cans that come in all materials and finishes. 

 13-gallon trash can Fingerprint Proof Stainless Steel

The latest development is on the 13-gallon trash can;13 means the standard and most common size used in modern society. They come in different models and variants as listed below and different specifications depending on the customer’s needs.

Types of 13-gallon trash cans.

13-gallon with a deodorizer and sensor trash can.

This one as its name suggests comes with a deodorizing feature with a sensor. Once garbage has been put into the can it automatically releases a deodorant to neutralize the air within the can. This action automatically gets rid of any smells coming from the garbage decomposing in the trash can. This is a perfect choice for bathroom use.

13-gallon trash can with a foot pedal.

Foot pedals have been installed in this trash can and connected with the trash can’s lid. Once you step on the foot pedal, it creates a pulley system, (remember this from your Science class) hence opening the lid. This is a very good trash can, the reason being your hands do not have to come into contact with the trash can. This minimizes germs contaminations and spreading through touching the trash can with bare hands. It’s suitable for hospitals where highly contagious waste is found. The downside to this 13-gallon trash can is if the foot pedal happens to break down, this renders the trash can nonfunctional.

13-gallon pet-proof sensor trash can

The special feature in the above trash can is the pet-proof sensor. The lovely pets we keep in our homes sometimes can go on a rampage and scavenge through our trash cans in search of food or simply foul play. The best solution to avoid this is getting this pet-proof sensor trash can. Immediately a pet comes near the trash can, the sensor goes off, telling on the pet that was about to scavenge. 

This means the trash is safe from erratic pets, enhancing neatness and cleanliness in the home. The sensor relies on AC batteries that come attached to the trash can. With time the batteries need repair or a replacement.

13-gallon trash can with locking lid.

The above feature should remind you of that trash can you often see on the streets, front yards, and lawns that have toppled over, and trash is scattered all over the place. The force behind it could be wind, hailstorms, floods, stray animals, or simply street urchins scavenging through the trash cans. How can this be avoided? A 13-gallon trash can with a locking lid is the perfect solution. It comes in different security lock features you can choose from depending on how much reinforcement you want to install. The best about this trash can is that it’s enhancing the community’s cleanliness by locking away the trash.

13-gallon stainless steel touchless can.

This should be called the top tier of all 13-gallon trash can varieties. The magic in it is once you head its way to trash your garbage, it will sensor your movement and will automatically open ready to receive garbage. This technology is absolutely a lifesaver. You do not have to come into contact with the trash as you are disposing of it. This minimizes the spread of germs and bacteria. 

This is a great investment especially for individuals who are neat freaks. The stainless material adds an aesthetic factor to the gallon trash can. This one requires exclusive care when cleaning to ensure the stainless steel is cleaned appropriately to ensure it lasts long. Another type that is highly recommended to use in areas that have high-risk types of trash.

13-gallon trashcan with swing lid

This is a common one and we have all seen it in the marketplace or homes. This is suitable for an office setting for trashing paper or any other material that hardly decomposes. Areas that trash is emptied regularly like restaurants and food courts in the mall can also work perfectly with this type of trash can. 

The lids have been put in a position so that they swing to the inside when pushed slightly, allowing the trash to get into the gallon trash can. The swing lid opens on both sides for easier disposal.

13-gallon trash can with wheels

This gallon trash can comes attached with wheels or a separate wheeling cart. This makes mobility within the area of use very convenient.

Now that you have some good knowledge about the various types of 13-gallon trash cans available in the market,  you at least have an idea about the best gallon trash can that can suit your needs.

That aside, now we look into the matters to pay attention to once you have chosen the kind of gallon trash can you want to purchase to attend to your trash needs.

Features to consider when buying a 13-gallon trash can.

Size: Although the 13-gallon trash can is the standard size, according to your trash needs choose a size that will serve you appropriately. Depending on the area required for use.

Material and make: There are different kinds of materials range for the 13-gallon trash can; stainless steel, plastic, common metal, and, PVC(polyvinyl Chloride). Of these, plastic is the most affordable and commonly available, while some metals have finished platinum and bronze.

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Cover/lid: Earlier we discussed the various types of 13-gallon trash cans. The lid features in many of the 13-gallon trash cans, making it a very important item to consider when making your purchase. From lids that require no human effort to lids that safely keep the trash in the can and those that are just a swing away. Bear in mind the areas to be used, type of trash, and hygiene purposes when deciding on the type of cover you need.

Advanced technological features: The technology aims at making human life easier and navigable. What features would make dealing with trash easier? Is it the deodorant feature that keeps the bad odors away? The odors filters that will deal with them as they are produced by decomposing trash? Hands-free and sensor technology? All these new advancements are meant to make the use of a gallon trash can easier. The decision lies in your hands, as the buyer, as you know your needs best.

Quality: Quality equals great service. Choose the quality that will give you value for your money. One that is made of long-lasting material and will be durable.

Pet-proof features: This one is highly recommended for pet owners. Choose a model that offers the best-proof features, securing your trash away and keeping your pets away from the trash can. It would not be such a lovely sight your favorite pet scavenging through trash, it may even pick germs and infections.

 Price: This is very important, a pocket-friendly trash can that will meet your need is the best choice. Comparing prices across the market will help you make a good decision on what will give you value for your money.


All said and done, waste is a part of our lives, but how we put it away and where we put it before the garbage collectors come for their daily routine, matters. This is the reason why we put much attention and thought into trash cans as they are an essential part of our daily chores. 

In our workplaces, the printing machine stands next to a trash can, the kitchen counters are a drawer away from trash cans. Modern technology has played a big part in bringing the best advancements onboard in gallon trash can manufacturing.  Good luck getting hold of the best gallon trash can that suits your needs and preferences.

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