We Have Listed Best Priced Robot Vacuums And The Most Effective

Nothing irritates more than perpetually finding yourself trapped in a situation where you have little or no time to clean your living environment. It not only makes your house unpleasant hang around but also poses a health risk, especially in circumstances where pets are involved.

Needless to worry, though, because, now, all that work can be done by machines. With this 13 best home Robot Vacuum Cleaners, we have reviewed we hope you will get your best choice.

Robot vacuums are not like people. They don’t get tired, bored, or ask for a break. They just work as programmed.  A robot machine on a work schedule will faithfully go on duty every day, making its way under the bed, sofa, and T.V. cabinet as it effortlessly picks pet hair from carpet, breadcrumbs, and other forms of dirt says business insider. If you are out most of the time, you will hardly tell whether any dirt ever gathers in your house.

Let Review.

We now invite you to sample our exhaustive list of Robot Vacuum Cleaners, hoping that you will purchase one and enjoy the luxury and convenience that comes with owning this gadget.

1. LEFANT M520 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 1800Pa Suction, Works with Alexa/Google and is Self-Charging.

The LEFANT M520 is an effective Robot Vacuum Cleaner with impressive smart capabilities. To begin with, the robot is well compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands.

This means that you can program it to receive commands to perform specific tasks through the Lefant Life App. For example, to control Lefant M520 cleaner with your voice, you can give simple commands to Google Assistant like “OK Google, ask LEFANT M520 to start cleaning”.

LEFANT M520 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2200Pa Suction works with Wi-Fi,  Alexa and Google

Also, with the Lefant M350 Life App, you can schedule cleaning sessions, choose your preferred cleaning modes, and change the suction power. Scheduling means the robot can perform cleaning tasks at specified times every day of the week.

 It is available on Android 4.0 (or above) and iOS.

LEFANT M520 is also endowed with the FreeMove Technology to allow it perform vacuuming tasks with minimal chances of getting stuck, say, in a wiring area, under the bed, sofa, on the threshold, etc. This function allows this almost fully automated machine to work without supervision or manual intervention. 

Its slim design gives it the convenience and flexibility to easily slide under the bed and sofa seats yielding a massive 1800 Pa of suction power to get rid of breadcrumbs, pet hair, and dust. This goes to ensure that your house is always clean enough to secure the health of your children.

In case there is an errand to run, you can put the robot at work and peacefully stay out for over 2hours because its 2600mAh lithium battery runs for up to 130 minutes on a single charge. And if the battery runs low, it will automatically find its way to the charging dock for a full recharge.

The robot leverages three cleaning modes (Auto, Spot, and Edge) to deliver a neat cleaning service in both open and challenging spaces. You will also love the 0.6 L dust box that doesn’t require frequent emptying for each cleaning session. Whether it is on the typical floor or carpet, the LEFANT M520 robot will get you sorted.

2. Fmart E-R550W Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Drop-Sensing and HEPA Filter best for Wet Dry Vacuum Mopping.

The Fmart E-R550W is specially designed with pet keepers in mind. The robot has a relatively slim body design and custom pet hair care tools to meticulously suck up hairs and other forms of dirt from every nook and cranny.

It comes with a long-lasting battery that runs way up to 120 minutes or 2hours of cleaning time. The good news is, in case the battery runs out, whether you are around or not, the robot is programmed to locate its charging dock for a refill.

It shouldn’t bother that your floor has more obstacles because the Fmart E-R550W robot has wheels that are designed to rotate freely and cross in-house barriers with ease. What’s more, it has smart sensors to prevent it from dropping over the stairs or colliding while in motion.

Fmart E-R550W Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Drop-Sensing
Fmart E-R550W Robotic Vacuum

Even more impressive is the machine’s ability to obey voice commands via a mobile App on Alexa and Google Assistant. Dirt can hide in obscure places and prove difficult to pull out, but this machine’s 8.5 cm low profile design ensures that the robot navigates to clean under the sofa, beds, and every other un-open space. 

Main features at glance.

Planned cleaning path– Twin gyroscope inertial navigation system, combined with dual optical motion tracking and other sensors achieve a planned cleaning path.

Intelligent control– You can control your robot at home or away, schedule weekly or daily cleanings, and check on its status
Large capacity dust box– With 350ml dust box, it can store large dust without cleaning dust box frequently
Built-in 2500mAh Li-ion battery– Great for small or middle size house
Self-recharging– When the electricity is less than 30 percent or finishes the cleaning task, the sweeper will go back to the charging base, time-saving and effortless
Strong climbing ability– Capable of climbing a 2cm slope, protecting your floors

3. Luby Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Mop, wi-fi Connectivity a Super-Thin Low-Pile Carpets.

With the Luby smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop, you can comfortably drop everything and let the machine do all the work. Unlike other robots, it can vacuum clean and mop at the same time. Luby smart robot cleaner has a powerful suction vacuum system that can suck up all the dust and pet hair without leaving anything behind.

Its wi-fi enabled and uses the App control systems to schedule your cleaning sessions effortlessly. This function promises excellent peace of mind as you can schedule cleaning services from Sunday to Sunday. Every day, you will retire to a neat house, thanks to the 330 ml dustbin capacity and a 150 ml water tank. 

Luby Robot Vacuum Ultra-Thin Design
Luby Robot Vacuum

The WIFI supports 2, 4Ghz network, and it comes along with accessories such as a side brush, water tank, adaptor, and a clean brush.  The battery has 2600mAh capacity to give you about 120 minutes of runtime after a full charge. It weighs 5.51lb and measures 12. 59 x 3. 14 inches

Never be worried about how the robot will navigate around your furniture or if it may tip over the staircase because an anti-collision and an anti-drop system well protect it. It assumes four very reliable cleaning modes, which include the L-shape, powerful, automatic, and edge.  

Luby mini robot has an Ultra –Thin Design that facilitates easy movement under the T.V. cabinet, bed, and sofa. What’s more, it can easily move from the floor to the carpet as it picks up the dirt. 

4. Pure Clean Smart Robot Cleaner Gyroscope Navigation Mobile App Control and Alexa Compatible 3 Step Air Filter.

The main catch about this pure clean smart robot vacuum is the 600 ml Multi-Room Gyroscope Navigation. What is this? Well, this is a tool that maps and accurately remembers your house’s layout. Mapping is instrumental in guiding the gadget to find its way to the dock after completing the scheduled cleaning. It also guides the robot to avoid the parts that already cleaned.

Best Pure Clean Smart Robot Cleaner with Gyroscope navigation
Pure Clean Smart Robot

Since it is Alexa compatible, the machine can be operated or controlled via a mobile App known as the WeBack App. And if you are a busy person, never mind because you can simply leverage the scheduling function to clean the house all through the week. This is made possible by its preset cleaning modes such as the edge, auto, and single room.

It has the rolling underbrush, dual spinning sweeper brush, and powerful suction that picks up debris without clogging. This pure cleaner smart robot cleaner comes with a 14.8 v 2600 mAh Li-ion battery, which can clean approximately 120-180sq meters. It is automated to return to the dock for recharging after approximately 130min run time.

Additional Features At Glance

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Anti-Fall / Anti-Collision Sensors

Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Keep it Clean: Sweep Dust & Vacuum

Versatile & Convenient Floor Clean Ability

Bag-less’ Waste Bin Integrated HEPA Filter

One Button Operation & Auto-Start Activation

Automatic Return to Dock Base for Self-Charging

Preset Multi-Clean Modes: Auto Single Room Edge

Smart Self-Programmed Cleaning Path Navigation

WiFi Wireless Network for Hassle-Free Device Pairing

Gyroscope for Smart S Path Efficient Room Mapping

Take Control of the Vacuum via Remote Control or App

5. ZIGLINT D5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Super Thin, Quite, Self-Charging, Drop-Sensor and Alexa App-Connect.

The ZIGLINT D5 Vacuum cleaner is a robot you will want to take home mainly due to its strong 1800 Pa suction capacity. This is a multi-surface cleaning device with a vacuum and side brush that can clean the hardwood floor, tiles, and carpets with high efficiency.  More appealing as well, is the fact that it moves around cleaning the house with minimal distraction because of its silent operation mode.

The ZIGLINT D5 Vacuum cleaner with best  strong 1800 Pa suction capacity.
image (ziglint)

 The ZIGLINT robot’s super slim 2.9-inch size is proof enough of how maneuverable it is. It can climb a 0.59-inch big step, run smoothly on a 15-degree slope, and clean carpets of up to 0.67 inches thick. And guided by anti-drop and anti-collision intelligent sensors, the gadget can clean the entire house with the minimal risk of getting trapped, falling over the edges, or colliding with other household items.

Apart from using Alexa and Google home commands to manage cleaning, the machine also supports the ZIGLINT d5 robot vacuum App the Weback App for customization and the monitoring of cleaning sessions. Furthermore, you can use the App to customize the machine’s accessory status and receive error alerts. It supports 2.4 GHz wi-fi, and using the self-charging technology, it can sense the low battery status and automatically locate its dock for a recharge. 

There are four cleaning modes featured on the robot, and these include auto cleaning, edge cleaning, plan cleaning, and spot cleaning. Each of these performs specific or unique functions, for example, getting ridding dust and allergens, especially in homes with pets.

Usually, when you buy the ZIGLINT D5, these are the accessories that you take home

An A.C. power adaptor

Charging base

Cleaning tool

An additional set of high performance filters

Remote control ( With 2 A.A.A. Batteries )

Four side brushes

A welcome guide

A worry-free two-year warranty. 

A fully charged 2500mAh battery can run the robot for 120 min, thereby cleaning an area of about 4300sq feet.

6. iClebo O5 Robot Vacuum with Smart Camera Mapping, Adjustable Suction wi-fi Connect, Works with Alexa

The iClebo O5 ranks among the robot vacuum cleaners with the best smart features. First of all, it is compatible with the Google Assistant and Alexa Apps. It features a voice service skill to periodically make announcements updating you on the condition and status of your robot.

iClebo App supports Alexa and Google’s assistant, the user can command four different actions to the robot i.e., start, stop, statuses, and back-to-base. And with the smart editor function, you can clean anywhere from your smartphone App and save the settings.

Best iClebo O5 Robot Vacuum with Smart Camera
iClebo O5 Robot.

One significant feature on this gadget is the vacuum suction and mop cleaning that functions using the various cleaning modes. And built-in are 19 smart jam-resistant sensors and obstacle detectors to ensure that cleaning happens even in the deeper corners.  

This robot’s iclebo 05 suction power can be adjusted through levels 1 – 3, with the first level giving the most quite cleaning experience. You can use level one at night without causing any disturbance whatsoever.

Perhaps another feature that adds more value to this machine is the autonomous cleaning mode. It has a unique and powerful suction system that has an intelligent Turbo Mode, which works well in collecting all manner of particles i.e., pet hair, dirt, or even cereals.

It can be very complicated to clean a room with slightly more furniture because of the logistics involved, but with the 130-degree deep corner mapping system, this challenge is eliminated.

Smart mapping (wide angle) systems carefully analyze the space and clean it as the mapping camera shoots about twenty frames per second to determine the required cleaning area. There are even smarter algorithms that make it possible for iClebo O5 to penetrate and clean angles that have proven impossible for regular robot cleaners.

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The machine has dual side anti-hair blades that rotate about 150 times per minute to pick up any pet hair. These blades are designed specially to help minimize tangles by doing the heavier work, thereby paving the way for the main brushes to finish the cleanup. 

7. Robins Vacuum Cleaning Robot with Intelligent Technology Multifunction Dual Mode, 4 Extra Side Brushes.

The Robins Vacuum Cleaning Robot has an array of features that cleans the floor and carpet with unmatched efficiency. First, it has an upgraded navigation system, the second generation Gyroscope navigation system that eliminates all chances of path repetition to clean up almost 98% of the marked area excellently.

Best Robin robot vacuum with strong 1600Pa suction capacity.
Robins Vacuum Robot

The Robin robot vacuum 1600Pa suction capacity is powerful enough to suck up all debris using the four available modes which are; the Automatic clean, Zig-Zag clean, Edge clean, and Single room clean. One other advantage is that you don’t have to stay there as the cleaning happens because once you set the scheduled time and power suction, everything will go on well.

The 2000mAh Li-ion battery is durable enough to keep the robot working for long in a hushed mode. By hushed mode, I mean it can work under 59 decibels, which is a volume much quieter than an operating microwave.  This battery can last up to 150 minutes after a full charge, which means that it can comfortably clean a relatively large area.

Once the power runs low, it is automated to return to its charging dock to ensure that your machine is always charged. The robot’s slim size ensures that it is flexible enough to make its way under the sofa, T.V. cabinet, and dining table or bed.

And you don’t have to fear to drop and to tumble over the staircase because it features a 360 degrees drop sensing technology to take care of that. When working in a complicated environment, it uses the high-speed infrared sensor to react in under 20 seconds

What do you get when you buy Robins Vacuum Cleaning Robot? Well, the accessories include, one rolling brush, an extra pair of side brushes, an A.C. power adapter, Charging doc, Remote control plus with 2 A.A.A. batteries, instruction manual, and an EVENTER robot vacuum

8. Minibot Robot Vacuum Cleaner Strong Suction Self Charging Remote Control Perfect for Pet Hairs best for Thin Carpet.

Some households can really get messy, especially where there is a larger family and pets. In such cases, you will have to routinely contend with pet hair, debris, dust, and other forms of in – house dirt. This is why you need the services of a vacuum cleaner with a strong suction like the Minibot Robot Vacuum to deal with the daily situation.

Apart from sucking up dirt, the Mini Robot 1000 pa suction has a 400ml dustbin capacity and a 300ml water tank that gives you the option of mopping and drying to eliminate stubborn dirt.

Using the G.P.P. (Gyroscope Precise Positioning) and Anti –Collision Sensors, the robot can sense objects on its path and make its way around them to continue cleaning without interruption. It is featured with anti-drop and cutting edge sensors to enable it to clean edgy places without dropping.

What’s more, the Minibot can climb up about 30 degrees and even cross barriers of up to 15 mm. This means that it can easily transition from the floor to the carpet to complete the job.

The 2600mAh battery is powerful enough to run for up to 120 minutes on a single charge. And whenever it senses low battery capacity, it will automatically return to the charging dock for a recharge to keep it ready for the next schedule.

The robot works quietly enough to allow you to do other things without distraction. Precisely, its noise levels are less than 60 decibels, which is low enough to leave you focused on whatever else you are doing.

It mostly comes in black and weighs 11.9 pounds. The package dimensions are 22 x 16 x 5.6 inches.

And what accessories do you expect? , Well the Minibot Robot Vacuum cleaner comes with a remote control that uses 2 A.A.A. batteries and its charging base. You also get the A.C. power adapter, two side brushes, a HEPA –style filter, and an instruction manual. The company offers a free thirty-day money back guaranteed and a one year warranty.

9. Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 1700Pa Strong Suction, Super Thin Multiple Cleaning Modes/Automatic Self-Charging.

The Coredy Robot Vacuum cleaner boasts a 1700 PA suction power to clean pet hair, dust, and other forms of dirt. It is provided with the main rolling brush and dual-edge brushes that serve to clean up even the toughest of stains on the floor or carpet. Whether you are cleaning the hard floor, regular floor, or medium pile carpet, this robot is equal to the task.

All robots vacuum cleaners are slim, and this one is no exception. With a size of 2.7 inches, with a detailed Coredy robot review you will see how flexible and highly maneuverable because it can access and clean under the sofa, bed, T.V. cabinet, and many other obscure spaces with relative ease.  It automatically increases or adjusts its vacuum according to the intensity of cleaning that is being done.

Coredy R3500  robot vacuum a 1700Pa Powerful Cleaner, 2.7 inch Super Thin, 4 Selective Cleaning Modes, Dual-Hall Sensors,
Coredy R3500

Some houses may create a very complicated environment that would even intimidate someone intending to do physical cleaning. Not so when using the Coredy Robot because it is small, slim, and featured with the anti-collision and anti-drop technology to ensure that it makes its way around obstacles.

The smart navigation technology keeps it from tumbling over the stairs or bumping into furniture. And even if it falls for some reason, the bumper and anti-scratch glass top are in place to offer the necessary protection to the robot.

Different floors and carpets require specific modes of cleaning, precisely why the robot is featured with four cleaning modes. You can leverage the Spot mode, Automatic mode, Edge cleaning mode, and the Max Vacuuming mode to meet all your vacuuming needs. The provided remote control enables you to operate with ease, as you can start, stop and schedule the cleaning,

This machine can clean for up to 120 square meters, thanks to the 2600mAh Li-ion batteries that sustain a 120 minutes runtime. It also has a 550 ML dust bin that supports long cleaning sessions, and a washable HEPA filter accompanies the R3500 automatic robot vacuum.

Here are the accessories that you get on this robot; an R3500, Coredy robot vacuum cleaner, four side brushes, one filter one main brush, and one triple-A battery remote control. It also comes with one dustbin brush, a charging dock, and an adaptor. 

10. POWERbot R7070 Pet Robot Vacuum in Satin Titanium.

 The Samsung Powerboot R7070 can help you keep your home clean with the help of its apps and the powerful suction it has above many robots in the market, other features include intelligent camera-based navigation system.

And depending with the flooring, the robot will automatically adjust the suitable suction power to implement. On the carpet this robot picks up almost 92% of dirt compared to other robots on the same environment, this is helped by the CycloneForce design that offers the best cleaning technic in this robot.

Best powerful robot vacuum  POWERbot R7070 for Pet fur
POWERbot R7070 Robot Vacuum

The robot is approximately 11 ½ inches wide and has a self-cleaning rotary, cleaning brush. This POWERbot r7070 parts are well-balanced over two wheels, which easily climbs over any transitions from hard-surfaced floors to carpeting. The dust bin capacity is small but so easy to empty and clean. It features a washable and re-usable filter that helps cut the cost purchasing filters.

The robot is Wi-Fi enabled thus helping you to download the apps to give you the best performance. You can also use the robot remote without a Wi-Fi as long as the remote is within site and height limits. This robot can be controlled in three ways-the on board, touch control on the face of the unit, by the remote or the Smart Home App on your Smart Phone.

Like most home robot vacuums, this Powerbot Samsung r7070 is pretty easy to set up. All you have to do is plug in the base and then place the unit onto the charging pad. There are no side brushes or batteries to install, either, though there is a roll of magnetic tape inside the box that you can use to block off No-Go zone areas of your house.

The vacuum utilizes a clear top loading dustbin, which you can pop out with the press of a button. When you remove the dustbin the filters are easy to remove and thus you can trash the content.

11. Shark IQ R101, Wi-Fi Connected, Home Mapping Robot Vacuum, Without Auto-Empty dock, Black

They say “If It’s Not a Shark, It’s Just a Robot”. This IQ Robot Vacuum R100w with Wi-Fi and home mapping is among the newest version of robot vacuum and is amazing. With a powerful suction of it is able to tackle large debris, small debris and stubborn stuck-on dust on your floors and carpet, but it does not empty itself.

Shark IQ R101, Wi-Fi Connected, Home Mapping Robot Vacuum.
Shark IQ R101
image (twold)

The Shark set up is very easy to use and easy to set up, it can also be connected to the Alexa or google assistance for easy use. The robot App is really easy to navigate and makes quick transition from newbie to learner in no time.

The robot IQ designation means it maps your house as it cleaning, the Wi-Fi support makes it easy to run it via app on your phone and this helps you to initiate any or selective, individual room cleaning at any time anywhere. Using the apps you can set the date and time you want the robot to start and change the set cleaning at any time you want.

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Additionally, the robot accepts commands with either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistance. With the Shark Apps you have references to the Robot User manual, Quick start, Set-Up and Tips and Tricks.

This the the best self-vacuuming robot available in the market today that will improve your home cleanliness and make your work easy. With floors filled up with sofas, tables chairs and composed of different landscapes like carpets, tiled or wooded floor, you get the picture of how struggling that can be and how these kind of robots can make these complex environmental easy to perform cleaning.

This robot takes a very short period to complete mapping a room once assigned to it. With Alexa app and voice command app, you will just command the robot and have your room cleaned as you rest or enjoy your movie. The robot can return to the base, recharge and is able to pick up from where it left.

These are enabled by home mapping feature. It lets you select which room to clean immediately or schedule a whole house cleaning. Powerful suction and a re-engineered brush roll combine with a high-efficiency filter that captures dust, dander, and allergens. Makes this vacuum best fit for homes with pets.

With angled side brushes, they help dig deep into edges and corners for complete vacuuming of dust, dirt, and debris. Equipped with the power suctioning, the vacuum tackles large debris, small debris, and stuck-on dust on your floors and carpets.

TIPs – When setting-up the Wi-Fi for this shark robot. Place the Docking Charger as close as possible to the center of the area of cleaning activities, and, as close to your router as possible. Do not place your boundary strips in the same room with the docking charger. Have extra filters on hand. They can get dirty quickly depending on what is being vacuumed. The filter is replaceable, but, NOT washable

12. Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

The Coredy R750 robot features a boost-intellect technology which enables it to effortlessly move from hard surfaces floor to carpets in your room with lot of ease to offer strong cleaning performance. When the robots detect a carpet it will boost the suction power and once out of the carpet it will return to the normal suction power. Additionally, the vacuum has a very low profile compared to other in the market giving it the ability to slide under furniture’s with ease as well as maneuver around the obstacles in your home.

Coredy R750 Robot  vacuum cleaner a 3-in-1 Sweep Vacuum Mop Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Coredy R750 Robot

You can easily control this robot vacuum using a remote, a mobile app, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. With these voice and App control features you can make the robot to start or stop cleaning, customize cleaning modes, and control cleaning directions.

Use your mobile phone to schedule your robot with high accuracy in minutes. You can monitor the real cleaning time of your robot in your home, get to know your robot’s status anytime anywhere.

With Smart Mopping Cleaning the robot will automatically detects dryness and humidity of the floor to select the ideal wet mopping with an electronically controlled water pump to enjoy a completely clean home from an intelligent mopping system.

The robot also features an improved smart protection which is an upgraded highly sensitive anti-collision technology for evading obstacles and drop-sensing tech to avoid falls.

The robot is also equipped with 2600mAh lion battery helps to clean up to 120 min per charge, but this will depend on the surface its working on. The product gets a 12 months’ support and an easy to reach 24 hours calling services.

13. Coredy R3500S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

With its tremendous off road skills, your Coredy robot vacuum R3500S is perfect for cleaning from hard wood floor to low pile carpet with 58dB low noise mute hence creating a less noisy environment compared to other robots.

With all rounds cleaning and anti-drop technology feature helps the robot to clean over corner of the house, fitting together the 360 degrees anti-collision, anti-drop technology and the anti-scratch glass top cover for protection keeps this robot work safe and look new all the time as it moves round the room doing it vacuuming.

oredy R3500S Robot uses specialized Dual-Hall Sensors to detect the Boundary Strips you set and just clean the places you want
Coredy R3500S Robot

With built-in sensors that provide the robot with smart motion navigation, guide the smart vacuum robot to navigate around obstacles and avoid bumping into objects or falling off stairs.

The Codey R3500 robot has a Multiple Cleaning Modes and Remote Control that offers 4 Selective cleaning System-Automatic, Spot, Max Vacuuming and Edge Cleaning Modes will fulfill your different vacuuming need. Additionally, this smart robot cleaner can be adjusted by the remote control to start, stop, schedule, customize, Clean when you are not at home or too busy.

With its Superior Battery Adopting rated 2600mAh li-ion batteries with runtime of 120 minutes when it full charged helps this robot to meet a deep cleaning from the kitchen, living room to the bedroom (about 120 square meters) 550ML anti-spill dust box supports longer cleaning sessions.

Additionally, it automatically adjusts the suction power which allows your robot to easily adapt to different types of flooring, and also comes with a washable HEPA filter, which helps get rid of smaller household dust and allergens, this is an ideal robot for home with hairy pet that shed so much hair.

Buyers Guide.

What to look for in a vacuum Cleaner?

One of the most notable feature of a robot vacuum is the fact they automate the entire process of home vacuuming. With a press of a button or a voice command it will begin to clean the entire floor that it seats on.  Plus, due to the sensors and technologies found within a robot vacuum, it’s likely that it will do a better, and more thorough, job at cleaning than you would.

What are the benefits of a Robot vacuum?

For convenient. Due to the robots’ advance technology you can automate the whole process, the can vacuum, mop, and sweep depending on each robot feature. Hence you will be more focused on other activities that you really care about and you find important.


Robot vacuums comes with different features that help them accomplish their task with the help of this advancement.  So going for a robot that you will need to meet all your needs it worth taking time and checking all the features the robots comes with.

Does the size of the robot matter?

The sizes of a robots’ vacuum matter for a number of reasons. First, they will determine how well it can get into constricted spots, such as under your kitchen cabinets and low-clearance furniture. If it’s tall, it won’t be able reach into these spots, or worse, it will get in and get stuck until someone free it. Additionally, the bigger the robot vacuum, the larger the dustbin and the minimal time to empty it.

How Do Robot Vacuums Navigate?

These gadgets navigate around your home with the help of different sensors subject to manufacture to help map your house. These sensors prevent them from striking objects and determining the most efficient cleaning path. Some include an HEPA filter to help rid allergens from the air inside your home. After it finishes cleaning, or needs to be charged some will beep or flash and return to its docking station automatically for recharging.

When you are making decisions, you should not take them lightly. Hopefully you find this robot guide helpful. I do update it frequently and would be happy to hear your comments and personal experiences below.

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