Best Magnetic charging cables for iPhone and other Smartphone

As today’s technology advances, different solutions are being prioritized to make mobile devices more adaptable and functional. This is why companies are reinventing mobile accessories to make them more innovative and useful with today’s mobile devices. Of all technologies, a cellular phone happens to be one of the most important devices a person uses every day. But a cellular phone can only be useful as much as its battery capacity. This is why power banks and mobile chargers have been given a huge priority.

An emerging trend in the mobile industry is the use of magnetic charging cables, and with time, it is likely to phase out the use of normal charging cables. While normal and magnetic charging cables serve the same function of charging a mobile device, they are different in many ways. A magnetic charging cable has a magnet, is more durable, provides fast charging, and protects both your phone and the cord. Outlined below are the 11 best magnetic charging cables in the market.

1. Magnetic Charging Cable Compatible with Mirco USB, Type C Smartphone and iProduct Device.

This is a new type of magnetic charger that has a magnetic connector that automatically finds the end of the charging cable. Compared to regular cables, it is more convenient and functional and it has been designed for drivers, children, seniors, and handicapped people. It is designed in the 90°L shape & the 360°rotating Design. This offers more convenient charging even when you are playing phone games. It comes in different lengths and sizes that are suitable for all occasions.

3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable, Compatible with Mirco USB, Type C Smartphone and iProduct Device.
Magnetic Charging Cable

When you insert a magnetic adapter between the charging interfaces of the phone, it can prevent dust from sticking. This will also reduce the abrasion during insertion and pulling out of the cable, thus prolonging the lifespan of your device. Being a magnetic charger, it has a magnetic charging current which will avoid disconnecting.

It, however, does not support the transfer of data between your device and computer. It is generally a magnetic cable that comes with a strong magnetic design that makes your connection more stable, provides smoother and faster charging, as well as reduces the risk of disconnection. Its key features include the L-shaped design, easy insertion, and providing strong magnetic charging. It also has universal compatibility and is suitable for tablets, smartphones, kendles, and other devices

2. Terasako Magnetic Charging CableCompatible with Mirco USB, Type C Smartphone and iProduct Device.

This strong magnetic charging cable from Terasako is compatible with devices like Samsung galaxy s7 edge, and Samsung galaxy s7. It has a Type-C, Micro USB cable type, and a USB, Micro USB connector type. It comes in 360 degrees and a LED light rotation design that makes it easier for you to charge your phone even in darkness.

If you are a driver, an elderly person, handicapped or you are visually impaired, this magnetic charging cable is your best choice. Moreover, it is universally compatible and can charge most of your equipment. It has three different types of magnetic tips, i.e. i-Product, Type C, and Micro USB. So long as your electronic devices can fit into any of these tips, you can charge them all.

Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable 3-in-1 Nylon Braided Cord.
Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable

The interface is also dust-proof. All you need to do is insert a magnetic tip at the charging interface of the phone. This will prevent the dust from sticking. Since it comes in the 360 degrees design, it cannot be used for data transfer. It can only support charging with QC 2.0 Fast charging, Output 5V/2.4A (max).

This magnetic charger is a one-hand operation gadget, and it provides convenience and offers safety while driving. Your charging will be effortless. Some of its key features include a strong magnetic design, has a dust-proof interface, and is made up of high-quality nylon material.

3. UGI Magnetic Charger Cable 3 in 1 Charging Cable Micro USB Type C USB C Compatible with Android, Phone, Smartphone, tablet, All Phone Devices.

This magnetic charger from UGI offers wide compatibility. It is a 3 in 1 magnetic charging cable that has different types of magnetic charging heads, i.e. Android Micro USB, Phone cable heads, and USB Type C. This makes it compatible with tablet devices and android cell phones. It comes in an innovative, reversible magnetic adsorption design.

The LED light design makes it easy to spot and connect to even in darkness. The design is simple and convenient and can be operated with a single hand. This makes it easy to operate while driving or when doing other things. Elders, drivers, vision-impaired people, and the handicapped can make use of this design.

UGI Magnetic Charger Cable 3 in 1 Charging Cable Micro USB Type C
UGI Magnetic Charger

This magnetic cable is also dust-resistant and offers strong magnetism. It has a neodymium permanent magnet that offers an instant and powerful connection. You only have to insert a dust-resistant connector into the USB port and the Cable will then attach to it magnetically.

Some of its key features include durability, made of high-quality upgraded materials, and comes in a 360 degrees rotatable design that makes it possible to charge at any angle. It also has two-sided magnetic absorption and can be operated with only one hand. The charger is 2 meters long, convenient, and easy to carry around

4. Big Plus Magnetic Charging Cable

This magnetic charger from BIG PLUS comes with a dust-proof interface. A user will have to insert a magnetic adapter at the charging interface of the smartphone. This reduces abrasion and prevents dust from sticking during the insertion and pulling out of the cable. In this way, the life of your device will be prolonged.

Its 360 degrees rotating magnetic head enables you to auto-connect magnetic plugin and out freely. This makes charging convenient since you can charge your device from any angle even when you are playing games at an optimum length of one meter. 

Big plus [6 Pack] Magnetic Phone Charger Cable, Magnetic Charger Type C, Compatible for Smartphones

The BIG+ USB Magnetic Cable has a strong magnetism that will avoid disconnecting with your phone. It supports QC 2.0 normal charging at an Output of 5V/2.4A (Max). Since it is a 360-degree design, it does not support the transfer of data. You can use one of your hands to operate this magnetic phone charger cable.

This makes it convenient and safe to use while driving. The blue LED light design makes it easy to find the magnetic USB cable, especially in dark environments. It is universally compatible and is designed to work flawlessly with any device that uses Type-C, USB-C, Micro-USB, and i-Product ports. It, however, does not support fast charging but offers convenience.

5. Magnetic Charging Cable 2Pack 10ft Phone Charger Cord and 4ack Magnet Lightning Adapter for Apple and IPhone.

This amazing magnetic charging cable from AJY offers a super-strong magnet that will avoid disconnecting once you have connected your phone to it. Its interface is dust-proof. You will have to insert a magnetic adapter at the charging interface of your smartphone. This will reduce abrasion and prevent the dust from sticking while inserting or pulling out the cable.

Magnetic Charging Cable 2Pack 6ft Phone Charger Cord

The magnetic charger is easy to connect to and easy to disconnect from. They are convenient to charge in the dark and they protect your charging port. Some of the devices this magnetic charging cable is compatible with iPhone 12/12 Pro / 12 Pro Max/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / 11 / XS / XS Plus / XR / X / 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / 5s / 5c / 5, iPad Pro / Air / Air 2, iPad mini / mini 2 / mini 3 / mini 4, iPad (4th generation), iPod Nano (7th generation) and iPod touch (5th generation). 

Some of its key features include its strong magnetic design that makes its connection more stable, its dust-proof interface, and the high-quality nylon material that the cable is made from, which is braided with the most durable nylon fiber.

6. TOPK USB Magnetic Cable, 2 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable,

OPK USB Magnetic Cable has super strong magnetic, which will avoid disconnecting from your device. It comes in a universal 2 in 1 design that has an output of 5V/2.4A (max). It offers a normal charging speed for Google Pixel (Google needs PD cable and QC 3.0 adapter to reach rapid charging). It, however, does not support data transfer.

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It is designed in a 90 degrees L shape & a 360 degrees rotating magnetic head which makes it more convenient to use while playing phone games. It however lacks an iproduct connector in the pack. Its length is approximately 6 feet, which makes it long enough and provides easy distant charging. 

TOPK USB Magnetic Cable,(4-Pack 2 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cabl
TOPK USB Magnetic Cable

The interface is also dust-proof but one is required to insert a magnetic tip at the charging interface of the phone. This will prevent dust from accumulating and sticking, especially when the device is in long-term use.

As with many magnetic charging cables that can be operated with one hand, this one is no exception. You can use one hand to operate this magnetic phone charge and turn it on and off. Its key features include the universal 2 in 1 design, durable nylon braided cable, soft blue LED light, and the different length combination which makes it convenient to use.

7. A.S Gen2 Magnetic Charging Cable, 3A Fast Charging Data Transfer Charger Cable

This magnetic charging cable from A.S offers powerful practicality. It comes in three sets of length, i.e. 1.6ft, 3.3ft & 6.6ft. When going out with a power bank, use the 1.6ft cable. It won’t take space! The other lengths, 3.3ft & 6.6ft magnetic cable will allow you to operate the magnetic cable with only one hand, to turn the charger ON or OFF.

The cable is safe and reliable. Its 360-degree design can apply to transfer data and it supports QC 3.0 fast charging, with an output of 5V/3A (max). The high-quality copper wires maximize the durability and transmission of information. The 180 degrees L Shape & 360 degrees rotation combination elbow and straight head 2 in 1 design are great for gaming and daily use.

A.S Gen2 Magnetic Charging Cable
A.S Gen2

The 3 in 1 USB magnetic super strong cable will ensure your phone does not get disconnected. It has LED indicator lights that will make it easier for you to locate the cable even in dark environments. 

It is also universally compatible and can be used with Micro-USB, and Type-C mobile devices. Some of its key features include Universal 3 in 1 Design, 360°+180° Rotation Style, Durable Nylon Braided cable that has passed over 1000 bending tests, Soft blue LED light design, and different length combinations.

8. Flowing LED Magnetic Charging Cable Rotation Magnetic Phone Charger Cable 3 in 1 USB C, Micro USB Cable.

This magnetic charger is compatible with Android smartphones, Android tablets, and Android devices. Its connector type is Micro USB, USB Type C, and USB Type-A. It has a visible flow LED light which indicates the charging status. Once plugged in, the electrical flow will be visible on the magnetic cable.

It however does not support data flow or fast charging. The 90 degrees L shape and the 360 degrees rotation design make the charging more convenient and complete the charging connection, which improves the charging efficiency. The 90 degrees rotating magnetic head offers convenience especially when you are playing games when charging your phone. 

Drtopey Flowing LED Magnetic Charging Cable

It has 3 different types of magnetic tips which are Micro USB & Type C. The magnetic tips can be switched to charge different types of devices. The cable is made of durable and flexible material. The high-quality PVC jacket provides higher durability and increased flexibility to fully meet your daily charging needs.

The cable material is tangle-resistant and has reinforced stress points, which have a long bend lifespan. The interfaces are also dust-proof. By inserting the magnetic tip at the charging interface of your phone, you can prevent dust from sticking, especially when you use it for a long time. The charger can be operated with only one of your hands which makes the cable convenient and safe when driving. Given that the cable lights up entirely when current flows, it can make an excellent decoration for your car.

9. Ankndo 3 in 1 Magnetic Phone Charger Cable Nylon Braided Magnet Charger Cable Compatible with Micro USB, Type C All Smartphone.

This magnetic charger from Ankndo is compatible with smartphones. Some of the phone models it supports include Samsung S7/S8/S9/S10/Note 8/Note/Note 9/j7, LG, Moto, HTC, Pixel, etc. It supports Type-C and Micro USB cable types. Its 360 degrees cable design makes charging more convenient and completes the magnetic connection. This improves the charging efficiency.

One 6.6ft charging cable is in the shape of “L”, which is more suitable for playing mobile games, and gives you a different charging experience. The charger can connect automatically to your device. For these reasons, it is highly suitable and recommended for drivers, the elderly, and the visually impaired. 

Ankndo 3 in 1 Magnetic Phone Charger Cable
Ankndo 3 in 1 le

Its 3 in 1 design is widely compatible and can be used in most mobile devices including Samsung Galaxy S7 S8 S9 Plus, LG G6 G5, LG V20, Google Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Google Pixel, Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL, Moto z, Moto g5, Chrome Book Google Pixel, Huawei P10 P9 Mate 9 and more. Ankndo magnetic charging cable has a super-strong magnetic, which ensures a stable connection.

Inserting the magnetic tip at the charging interface of the phone can prevent dust from sticking, reducing abrasion during insertion or pulling out of the cable, thus prolonging the life of your device. LED lights are designed to help you find cables more easily in the dark, and Soft lights won’t interfere with your sleep. The cable is designed for charging only and cannot be used for data transfer

10. CinchForce interchangeable magnetic adapters 540 Degree Magnetic cable

This magnetic phone charger from CinchForce comes in 3 in 1 design with interchangeable magnetic adapters. It is compatible with Type-C, iProduct, and Micro-USB connections. Each of the cables comes with 3 magnetic adapters/connectors that you can switch out to connect to different devices and tip storage to hold unused adapter tips.

It creates a secure connection and allows faster charging as well as data transfer. The 540 degrees rotation and multi-length cables enable you to find the right angle for every occasion. You can hold your phone well while texting, gaming, and browsing even when your phone is still charging. 

CinchForce interchangeable magnetic adapters  540 Degree Magnetic cable

This magnetic cable supports QC 2.0/3.0 quick charge with overheat protection. It offers highly efficient charging for your devices. You can transmit and sync data up to 480Mbps in speed. Charging and Data Sync is compatible with the latest devices that have Type-C, iProduct, and Micro-USB connectors.

The braided nylon cable which is 3.5mm thick is designed to be durable and highly resistant to splitting. It has over 11,000 bend lifespan. Each cable comes with a Tip Storage Organizer which you can utilize to conveniently store unused tip adapters. Each box comes with 3 cables (Black 6.6ft cable/Red 3.3ft cable/Purple 1.6ft cable), 3 Magnetic Type-C Adapter Tips, 3 Magnetic iProduct Adapter Tips, 3 Magnetic Micro-USB Adapter Tips, 3 Tip Storage Organizer

11. Crozziz 3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable 3-Pack (5 ft), Compatible Micro USB, Type C and iProduct

This durable magnetic charger from Crozziz comes in a 360 degrees and 180 degrees free rotation style. This means that the magnetic charging head can be rotated, not only at 360 degrees but also at 180 degrees, from straight charging to 90 degrees L shape which makes charging even more convenient as you play games on your phone. The cable is made up of a durable braided nylon and Aluminum alloy. This material combination not only makes it durable but also highly resistant to heat and corrosion. This ensures a longer service life. 

The magnetic 3 in 1 design is universal and multifunctional and is compatible with most devices. It is equipped with 3 different types of magnetic tips which are Micro USB & Type C & iP. You will only require this one cable to charge most of your devices. This makes it a suitable companion for travelers, for office use, and ride-sharing taxi drivers.

Crozziz 3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable
Crozziz 3 in 1

As with many magnetic charging cables, this one can as well be operated with one hand and can be the best choice for the elderly, the handicapped, and those who have vision impairments. The interfaces are also dust-proof once you insert a magnetic tip at the charging interfaces. The LED light design makes it easier for you to find the cable in the dark. Its light is low enough and it won’t interfere with your sleep. 

FAQs about Magnetic Charging Cables

Is it advisable to have a magnetic charging cable?

Yes, it is. Magnetic charging cables come with a lot of advantages which include universal compatibility, one-hand operation, and durability. Magnetic charging cables are slowly phasing out the normal chargers and it is advisable to get one for yourself. 

Do magnetic cables damage the phone?

Magnets do not have a noticeable effect on smartphones. They may affect the functionality of your compass GPS and Google maps but they won’t erase any of your data unless the magnetism applied is way too strong. 

Can the extra tips be purchased separately?

The magnetic charging cables are usually purchased together with the extra tips. If you want to purchase a separate tip, just ensure it is compatible with your magnetic charger, else, it won’t work. 

Does the LED Indicator only light up when charging?

The LED indicator was designed to show the flow of current. Hence, it does light up only when charging. 

Can the magnetic charger plug into the phone in a case?

Yes, it can, so long as it is not blocking the porthole. The cover can however push off the wires at times. Most of the magnetic chargers have strong magnetism that ensures your phone always stays plugged in even in the presence of a phone case. 

Why are there safety instructions indicating “Do not make calls when charging”? 

These instructions are there only for safety purposes. Electricity can be dangerous at times. 

In conclusion, using a magnetic charger exerts less strain on your smartphone compared to using a regular charger. As far as charging is concerned, magnetic chargers offer extra safety. They safeguard your phone by reducing the amount of charging problems you could have otherwise incurred.

There are certainly many things to bear in mind before purchasing a magnetic charging cable. The above review hopefully, provided you with an idea on which model to go out for. 

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