Ten Reasons Why Curved Monitors Are Better Than Regular Monitors For Gaming

If you can recall, curved screens first took their position in the displays back in 2014, and since then some gamers have never been sure whether to upgrade or stick to their conventional screens. Possibly you are among those who are still struggling to decide because you are wondering; is curved monitor good for gaming? Well, hopefully, the confusion will end today because, in this article, I will share with you some of the best insights into how you can leverage curved monitors for the most immersive gaming experience.

I will give you 10 Reasons curved monitor are better for gaming but first, what is a curved monitor?

This gadget has a curved screen designed to cover your peripheral vision much more than the flat or older distended screen.

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Its main distinction is the magnitude of bending or curvature, and it may come in measurement values of 4000R, 3000R, 2300R or 1800R. ‘R’, in this case, represents the radius which is measured in millimetres. The lower number represents more curvature, for example, 1800R is more curved than 3000R

It is featured to treat you to a more immersive experience, allowing you to work differently. Today, whether you are editing, working in an office, gaming or doing something else, a curved monitor is the real deal.

1. Eye comfort

If you are a gaming fanatic, spending hours on end before the screen, then you need a curved monitor because, with it, you can spend long hours before your screen without feeling uncomfortable. The reason is that curved monitors follow the human field of view’s natural curvature more closely than the flat panels.

Typically, a curved monitor keeps all images halfway between the source and your eyes, making it less strenuous to watch. It is designed to wrap around the field of vision to enable extended gaming sessions without irritating the user’s eyes.  

Research shows that eye aches attributed to straining is 60% or 4X more prevalent among flat-screen users than those using the curved monitors.

2. Less distortion 

A curved screen enjoys significantly less distortion thanks to the physics and dynamics of light projection. Practically, the monitor curvature extends much closer to you (at the corners) to minimize distortion cases that characterize the edges of a flat-screen.

A curved monitor narrows the light by its shape, directing it at the viewer, thus reducing distortion. But a flat-screen can only project its light (images too) in a straight line, meaning some will be transmitted towards user while some will be focused away, hence the distortion.

3. Faster pixel response time

Pixel response is beneficial for gamers because it determines the time it takes for a pixel to change from one shade to another. Typically, quicker response times serve to augment fast gaming visuals.

While the monitor curvature as a feature doesn’t influence the pixel response speed, most curved monitors are more likely to respond faster because they are designed with gamers in mind.

4. Latest technology

 A while back, flat-screen monitors had been built on superior technology than their curved counterparts, but that is no longer true. Although curved monitors were made by simply bending flat monitor panels when they first hit the market, things have changed.

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Today, they leverage the latest technologies that are aligned with the concept of curved screens.

Most curved monitors on the market today are premised on two technologies,

Vertical alignment (VA) panels

In-plane switching (IPS)

These two technologies are designed to suit curved monitors.

5. Enhanced game awareness for fast-paced games

Flat screens present their fair share of challenges when it comes to gaming. For example, you may easily fail to notice an enemy at the edge of your display on these screens. It is quite inconveniencing because you have to keep turning your neck to see the action at the screen edge. Even then, you are bound to miss sections of the game due to issues including color inconsistency.

Curved monitors are more realistic, and they give you an immersive viewing experience. They improve the action of fast paces games like

GTA5 car chases

nail-biting PUBG battle royale games

League of Legends games

NBA 2K18 basketball matches

You will be best set to have fun with large screens such as the 1800R

6. It is immersive, giving you a better viewing experience.

People always ask, is curved monitor good for gaming? Well, this monitor has many advantages as you can see, but the one thing that any gamer will truly appreciate is the experience that comes with being at the centre of the action.

Curved monitors are bent inwards to balance the viewing distance.

They take after the human field of view to keep every detail within your wavelength of light.

So cool is the experience that you may sometimes forget that you are looking at your screen.

7. Aesthetic appeal

While there is little scientific backing to this benefit, the curved monitor’s style is an element to behold. Gaming aside, it gives your workspace a sleek appeal by nullifying the need for two flat screens, thanks to the dual monitor setup.

An interior design statement piece would be quite ideal for your home setting while gaming can take on the professional setup.

Curved monitors combine their style and technological appeal to create a seemingly irresistible wow factor. The challenge that you may perhaps encounter with it is its difficulty while mounting it on the wall.

8. Wider field of view

By their design, curved screens can enhance images to appear more realistic. A combined function of the three visual perception dimensions (3D) and the direction of light;

Allows the viewers to look without straining much

Cover s a wider field of view, thus increasing immersion.

9. Ideal for multi-monitor users

You will realize that curved monitors are not just for gaming and streaming but also professionals in other industries. As earlier stated, it offers a natural and more detailed viewing angle as compared to the flat screens lining side by side.

However not all industries need this broad view feature, but if you are in a profession that requires viewing wide areas simultaneously, i.e. programming, video editing, or finance then a curved screen is your thing. With it, you won’t have to be switching tabs of finding different displays.

10. Enhances your comfort and productivity

Beyond style and elegance, a curved monitor presents more practical benefits, including faster reading, ease of navigation and finding things. It is believed that curved screen users find things 24% faster than flat-screen users.

By alleviating eye fatigue, headache and the resultant discomfort, staff can increase efficiency and deliver to their full potential. The feature that allows users to leverage several open windows and applications at the same time has also proven to boost efficiency and productivity.

I hope these ten points have helped answer any questions you might have regarding the stylish curved monitor. Perhaps the other question begging for answers is, does this technology also benefit curved screen tv? Well, keep following my blog, and you will, for sure, read about that in detail in an upcoming post.

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